I’ve tried blogging a handful of times over the last ~10 years, and each time I quit after only a couple of posts. I had no drive or motivation to consistently write. I thought I wanted to blog, but I think I only liked the idea of having a tech blog and appearing smarter and more productive than I actually am. Welp. Makes sense why I didn’t stick to it. Garbage in, garbage out.

So, what changed? Sheeeeeit…

  1. It’s a MF pandemic out here (‼️)
  2. I’ve been working remotely 🏠 100% of the time for the last year, and for the foreseeable future
  3. My two-year-old daughter 👧🏽 is the boss of my wife and I, and the poster child of Terrible Twos
  4. Due to said pandemic, we don’t presently have any childcare 😅
  5. Due to said lack of childcare, I currently work and watch my daughter at the same time for most of the work day 😬
  6. Any work requiring continuity (e.g., coding, writing) I usually get done at night when it’s quiet and I’m tired AF 😴
  7. My social life outside the house is virtually non-existent

TL;DR – shit is real out here in these WFH streets. Also I’m a hermit.

While trying to manage my time the best that I can, I have found myself increasingly taking more notes, documenting and drawing. And I’m liking it. 😎 I believe these habits will become even more important as remote work and asynchronous communication become more of the norm, especially as my coworkers begin working from anywhere 🌎. So I would like to continue to hone these skills, using this blog as an outlet.

We’ll see if I can make it past two posts this time. 😉